Our Team

Our Team

When you choose the Petwin Private Equity team as your investment partner, you leverage over 50 years of combined experience of governance, financial, business development, strategic and operational support, and portfolio management across a spectrum of industries and markets. We drive growth and create value with a commitment to developing impenetrable infrastructures, ongoing governance, and mentorship, support, and incentivizing existing management and leadership. Petwin Private Equity is the acquisition arm of Petwin Bancorp Inc., owned by the Petryk family and steeped in a tradition of honesty, integrity, security, and inclusion. The Petwin Private Equity team is knowledgeable, insightful, and positioned to optimize every opportunity under the guidance of Robert Petryk (Managing Director) and Mike Devonshire (Chief Financial Officer) and we aim to be the investor of choice for mid-market businesses ready to find success in the next stage of their business lifecycle.

Mike Devonshire
Chief Financial Officer

Robert Petryk
Founder and Managing Director

Unlimited Investment Horizons With Petwin Private Equity

Petwin Bancorp Inc., is a family-owned, diversified real estate company, with operations in Calgary, Edmonton, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Petwin Private Equity is the investment arm of PBI, and we are seeking opportunities to invest in innovative and exciting businesses owned by entrepreneurial-minded leaders throughout Canada and the US. Connect with Petwin PE, and let’s explore the possibilities with your business. Call us at 1-403-269-9797 today.

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