Strategy & Criteria

Strategy & Criteria

Our clearly defined and deliberate strategy is simple. We invest in businesses that align with our vision and our values; businesses where we know we can add value for mutual success. The Petwin acquisition and management team bring over 50 years of combined experience sourcing and executing transactions, as well as fostering robust and influential business development networks and driving growth across a spectrum of industries and markets. The foundation of our strategy is relationships: relationships with industry players, relationships with key advisors, relationships with business owners and investors, relationships and partnerships that endure. We invest in businesses across Canada and the US that we believe in to nurture entrepreneurial collaboration, identify opportunities, facilitate growth, execute vision, and create value for all stakeholders. This is the Petwin Private Equity Strategy.

We Are Looking For You

We are seeking investment opportunities in successful mid-market businesses to position them for success in the next stage of their business lifecycle. Petwin values integrity, value creation and preservation, security, curiosity, diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you are seeking a patient, family-based investment partner with a strong balance sheet and existing operations in markets across Canada and the US to help drive growth and expansion, we are looking for you. Call Petwin Private Equity, and let’s move forward together.

What Do We Look For?

Our investment criteria is clearly defined, deliberate, and simple. We invest in businesses that align with our vision and our values; businesses where we know we can add value for mutual success. We prioritize mid-sized businesses in Canada and the US, where our experience and collaborative approach can drive growth.

Financial Characteristics
Operating Characteristics
Industry Preferences
Deal Breakers
  • EBITDA between $2MM and $5MM, with a track record of stability
  • High cash conversion from EBITDA
  • Ability to service a reasonable amount of leverage 
  • Some degree of revenue certainty (either recurring, contractual, or historical)


Petwin Private Equity is a patient investor with a collaborative mindset, working with and empowering management in key strategic areas. We work with management to streamline governance and operations and remove barriers to growth.  We are committed to working with management on strategic initiatives, such as acquisitions and expansions. Petwin leverages motivation and incentive structures to keep key management team members engaged and share in our mutual success.

Petwin Private Equity is the investment arm of Petwin Bancorp Inc. (PBI), owners of Petwin Properties (a diversified real estate company with operations in Canada and the United States). 

Petwin invests in entrepreneurial, like-minded businesses across Canada (except Quebec) and the US.

Unlimited Investment Horizons With Petwin Private Equity

Petwin Bancorp Inc., is a family-owned, diversified real estate company, with operations in Calgary, Edmonton, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Petwin Private Equity is the investment arm of PBI, and we are seeking opportunities to invest in innovative and exciting businesses owned by entrepreneurial-minded leaders throughout Canada and the US. Connect with Petwin PE, and let’s explore the possibilities with your business. Call us at 1-403-269-9797 today.

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