With active and robust operations across Canada and the US Petwin Private Equity is positioned to build our investment portfolio with opportunities in a number of market and industry sectors. Our stronghold in these markets fortifies us to drive growth for companies throughout North America. Petwin Private Equity is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and we are seeking investment opportunities with businesses that can benefit from our strategic initiatives including acquisitions and expansions into new markets. We are where you are. Let’s grow together.


We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but we have active operations throughout Canada and the US. We are currently prioritizing projects in Western Canada (as far east as Ontario), and the Western United States.

Petwin has a family business background and value alignment with entrepreneurs (we understand what you do and why you do it). An investment partnership with us grants you access to the PBI management team and our combined 50+ years of working with private companies. We are a financially stable investor with a long term view and access to additional capital to support identified and proven growth opportunities.. We are committed to being a non-invasive, patient investor with a collaborative approach to increasing value and supporting your existing management team. Petwin Private Equity is a low profile investment group with no investment horizon (i.e. we never need to sell the business).

We will pass on a deal if the focus of the business is resource extraction or cannabis and if the business is in the start-up or early stages of development. We will also pass on companies where there is no existing management team in place or there is a lack of cultural alignment between Petwin and the management team.

Unlimited Investment Horizons With Petwin Private Equity

Petwin Bancorp Inc., is a family-owned, diversified real estate company, with operations in Calgary, Edmonton, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Petwin Private Equity is the investment arm of PBI, and we are seeking opportunities to invest in innovative and exciting businesses owned by entrepreneurial-minded leaders throughout Canada and the US. Connect with Petwin PE, and let’s explore the possibilities with your business. Call us at 1-403-269-9797 today.

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