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Finding the Perfect Match in Private Equity and Beyond For Your Business

Empower Your Business Transition with Petwin Private Equity: Your Trusted Partner for Long-Term Success Business owners considering selling their business face a number of unique opportunities when choosing who to transition their business to, whether its private equity, a competitor, o
July 11, 2023

What A Private Equity Firm Looks For Before Investing In Your Company?

Is Your Business Ready To Transition with Petwin Private Equity? One of the first questions we are often asked at Petwin Private Equity is what we look for when making investments. While the answer could easily be “it depends” the fact is that we do have a set of characteris
July 11, 2023

Unlimited Investment Horizons With Petwin Private Equity

Petwin Bancorp Inc., is a family-owned, diversified real estate company, with operations in Calgary, Edmonton, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Petwin Private Equity is the investment arm of PBI, and we are seeking opportunities to invest in innovative and exciting businesses owned by entrepreneurial-minded leaders throughout Canada and the US. Connect with Petwin PE, and let’s explore the possibilities with your business. Call us at 1-403-269-9797 today.

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